PowerDynamo Ignition by VAPE Replaces 125 Husqvarna 1972 to 1974 Motoplat 90mm Base 13mm Shaft 7125


SKU: 7125799

REPLACES 1972 to 1974 HUSQVARNA 125 with Small Motoplat and 90mm Base.

Fits Base of 90mm and Crankshaft Tapered End of 13mm. If removing Motoplat with Small 13mm Crankshaft End and 90mm Base (without Base Plate Adapter).  Can also be used where the original Husky Factory Base Plate is retained on 250 and Larger.

This is the AC model which generates enough power for simple headlight and tail light.  If planning big lights, ask us for the DC model.

VAPE Manufacturing replaces old MZB which actually was their German Based Distributor, so Still The Same Great Ignition.  Any Doubts send us a note.

Brand New Production, On Hand and Ready to Ship!