About Us

Husqvarna Vintage Racers and Restorers are our focus.  In 2006 I was looking for 430 parts for my 1982 and 1987 retired race bikes.  We quickly realized the 1988 Cagiva Debacle stranded dozens of Husqvarna Dealer Inventories and Tons of Parts and Bikes.  1966 to 1988 Swedish Husky Parts and Bikes became our focus and helping you repair, restore, upgrade and enjoy these bikes became our mission.

Our Tritrophy name had been around for a while as our British hobby began the business of casually selling Triumph and Greeves bike and bits we had collected over 25 years.  We kept the Tritrophy name for years but our business evolved to All Husky.  We're still selling as Tritrophy on eBay, HVA-Specialty for Vintage Husqvarna is our Primary Focus.

We have acquired nearly 20 Old Dealer Inventories large and small, and we have gleaned parts from little hoards, dismantlers, and folks with “too much”-whatever that is?  We’ve also acquired scores of whole bikes and always of an interesting stock whether 1984 400WR L/C or 1970 360 8 Speed “8M”.  But our day-to-day business is selling parts from our stock of over 4000 Husky Part Numbers.

Our supply of NOS and Used parts is a big section of our stock.  We also actively have items manufactured and we even design and test new items and new ideas.  For Example our Connecting Rod Kits are Race Tested, meticulously faithful Husky Rods.   Look to our Auto Spring Retainers and our Water Pump Covers to fit L/C Clutch Covers so you can save your rare original A/C Covers from Race Damage.  Nearly all our Gaskets are New Aramid Fiber and Bearings and Seals are Premium.

Notice you can Download Parts Books for Free.  These copies of Original Husky Manuals serve not only to help you communicate with us, but they provide a neat manual for parts orientation and assembly/disassembly guidance.  We are listing a lot of obvious items but have hundreds that are obscure, small quantities or items we have simply not gotten to.  Use your parts book, make us a list and email it if you don’t see what you need.

Husky Forever!  Dave