Privacy Policy

HVA-Specialty does not share any of the Personal Data directly gathered via User Interaction.  Information Uses provided: Name, address, email address and phone numbers are stored by us, as are correspondence whether email or notifications.  None are sold.

Only information required in the normal course of business is shared, which most commonly is Order Fulfillment.   Such activities may also be Email Inquiries, Returns, Notifications and the like.

Information generated during Web Access such as IP Addresses are not directly stored or retained by HVA-Specialty, though Service Providers and Search Engines may well retain such information. 

Similarly, Purchase Payment Information is not stored or retained by HVA-Specialty though Payment Services may well retain such information.

By using our Website, you do consent to collection, use and sharing of Personal Data as described in this Privacy Policy.  If you do not consent to this Privacy Policy, do not use the Website.