1984 Husqvarna L/C 250CR 400WR Engine Seal Set VITON Mains Waterpump plus Others Seals



1984 HUSQVARNA 250CR 400WR LIQUID COOLED ENGINE SEAL SET has VITON Main Seals and Waterpump Seals

  • VITON Main Crankshaft Left 30x52x7
  • VITON Main Crankshaft Right 25x35x7
  • Clutch Shaft 10x22x7
  • O-Rings for Shifter & Kicker
  • 2 Water Pump Seals 8x18x5 8x16x7
  • ORing for Water Pump Housing 

NOTE: Viton® fluoroelastomers provide exceptional physical properties including tolerance of heat, cold, chemicals and resistance to compression sets (stiffness).